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Are you suffering from
Slip and Fall Injury?

Slip and fall accidents are the most common injury in America. They’re also the most prevalent cause of damage to the neck, back, and hips, especially for people over 55 years old. That being said, they can happen to anyone, anytime.

While most of these accidents occur at home, they can also be caused by the negligence of another party. Slick sidewalks, rough surfaces and poor maintenance of pedestrian areas are all hazards that hurt millions of people every year. If you’re one of those who has suffered an injury and needs medical attention, you’re not alone, and your first call should be to our Winter Park office.

Benefits of Receiving Chiropractic Treatment For
Slip and Fall

At Lions Chiropractic & Injury, we can diagnose the source of your pain, and give you the treatment that will put your life back in order. Our Chiropractor, Dr. Rumley has treated thousands of patients in Winter Park and Orlando – with no out of pocket cost to the victim when someone else is liable for the cause of the accident. When you call our office, you’re taking an important step towards healing and well being.

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