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While chiropractic is a health care profession that focuses on disorders of the musculoskeletal and nervous system and the effects of these disorders on general health, massage therapy is a manual therapy that manipulates the soft tissues decreases muscle tension, pain, and stress. So you could see how it would go hand in hand right?

The chiropractic care practice relies not on only treating the pain symptom, but rather on treating the underlying problems which are causing the discomfort. During an auto accident the body experiences an unexpected impact causing the entire frame to unnaturally shift. When this impact occurs from whiplash it could effect on pressure, misalignment and inflammation in the spinal column. Chiropractic have techniques which help relieve this issues caused in an auto accident, such as adjusting the spine, helping bring back correct posture and normal range of motion.

Also chiropractors not only understand how seemingly unrelated ailments may impact one another, they also have knowledge of how different forms of treatments complement one another to help heal and bring comfort to the body. For this reason, chiropractors often provide nutritional or lifestyle advice to patients in auto accidents to increase the effectiveness of their therapies. Furthermore, massage therapy is incorporated to relieve muscle tension and support soft tissues. Massage therapy or manual therapy, in another medical term, would help to decrease muscle spasms, pain, and inflammation caused by affected areas due to the auto accident. Much like chiropractic care, massage seeks to attempt healing through a hands-on, drug free technique, providing a long term benefit of lasting relief. When combined, the two could be very helpful.

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