Headaches After a Car Accident

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Headaches After a Car Accident?

Being the victim of an auto accident can be a scary experience. It can be even scarier when you begin to suffer symptoms after a car accident, such as debilitating headaches and migraines. You may wonder what is the cause of your headaches and look for the best treatment to find relief. At Lions Chiropractic & Injury P.A. In Winter Park, Dr. Rumley and our staff are here to help our patients find relief from headaches, migraines, and auto accident injuries. If you would like to feel better, get treatment that is 100% natural and effective at Lions Chiropractic & Injury P.A.

Causes of Headaches After a Car Accident

You might begin to feel a headache immediately following an auto accident, or even weeks or months after the auto accident. This is due to the effects of adrenaline overtaking your body during an accident, making it difficult for you to feel pain and other symptoms right away. Unfortunately, many people might not seek treatment until it is too late and their symptoms have already progressed into pain. Some of the most common causes of headaches after an auto accident include:

Whiplash is a condition where the neck jolts violently causing headaches

Muscle tension and soreness in the upper back following an accident

Neck pain that radiates into headaches

Problems with the spine following an accident, such as herniated discs or a misaligned spine

General stress and tension following a car accident

Migraines and migraine flare-ups

Benefits of Receiving Chiropractic Treatment For
Headaches After A Car Accident

Whether you are suffering from headaches or migraines, a chiropractor can provide effective techniques to help you find relief fast. Our chiropractor will conduct a physical exam to determine the extent of your auto accident injury. We will then determine the right chiropractic care techniques, including spinal adjustments, manual adjustments, and massage therapy for the upper back muscles. These treatments will provide relief for pain caused by headaches and migraines by reducing inflammation and re-aligning the spine.

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