What Is Active Release Technique and How Can It Benefit You?

What Is Active Release Technique and How Can It Benefit You?

What Is Active Release Technique and How Can It Benefit You?


Chiropractic care has gained more popularity in recent years, with many people looking for non-invasive ways to relieve pain and improve their overall health. One technique that has proven effective is Active Release Technique, or ART. This technique is becoming increasingly popular in the world of chiropractic care, as it has helped many patients with various musculoskeletal conditions. In this blog post, we will explore what ART is and how it can benefit you.


What is Active Release Technique?

Active Release Technique is a form of soft tissue release that aims to alleviate pain and tension in the muscles, tendons, ligaments, and nerves by applying deep pressure, tension, or vibration to the affected area. ART is a hands-on approach that involves therapists using their hands to apply pressure and movement to specific points on the body. The goal is to break up adhesions or scar tissue that have formed in the area due to injury, surgery, or overuse.

How does ART work?

ART works by breaking down the scar tissue that can form in muscles, ligaments, and tendons when they are injured or overused. These adhesions can cause pain, stiffness, and reduced range of motion. The therapist will use specific movements to stretch the scar tissue while applying pressure to the affected area. This helps to improve blood flow and oxygenation to the tissues, which aids in the healing process.

What conditions can ART treat?

ART is a technique that can be applied to many different conditions, including tennis elbow, rotator cuff syndrome, plantar fasciitis, carpal tunnel syndrome, and IT band syndrome. It can also help with common conditions such as neck pain, back pain, and headaches caused by muscle tension. This technique is often recommended for individuals who participate in high-intensity sports or have suffered a sports-related injury.

What are the benefits of ART?

One of the most significant benefits of ART is that it is a non-invasive technique that can help reduce pain and improve range of motion. It can also improve muscle strength, flexibility, and endurance. This technique is often an excellent alternative to surgery and can be used as a complementary approach to other forms of treatment such as chiropractic adjustments and physical therapy.



Active Release Technique is a powerful technique that can help reduce pain, improve range of motion, and enhance overall physical well-being. This non-invasive technique can be an effective alternative to surgery or medication, making it particularly attractive to individuals looking for natural, holistic approaches to health and wellness. If you're considering chiropractic adjustment in Orlando, FL, contact Lions Chiropractic & Injury today to schedule an appointment and discover the benefits of ART for yourself.

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