Treating Whiplash after an Auto Accident

Treating Whiplash after an Auto Accident

Treating Whiplash after an Auto Accident

Treating Whiplash Injury After Auto Accident with Orlando Chiropractor

Whiplash injuries caused by auto accidents can lead hematomas, rupture ligaments, damaged blood vessels, pinched nerves, spine fractures, nerve damage, and additional injury to the joints if left untreated. It may even cause severe chronic headaches. Accident victims should see their primary care physician or a chiropractor as soon as possible to check for injuries. Even if you only suffer minor bruising, you may actually have serious injuries that only a medical professional can identify.

When you go to your primary physician or chiropractor they will likely suggest that you take some mild over-the-counter pain medication to help reduce swelling on the injury and minimize pain. You may also be required to go get an X-ray, MRI, or CT scan in order to identify all of the injuries.

Whiplash treatment helps minimize pain, restore function, and strengthen your shoulders, neck, and upper back muscles so that the injury can properly heal. Once your chiropractor has diagnosed the severity of your injury he or she can then suggest the best treatment plan for your injury. Sometimes the treatment can be as simple as over-the-counter pain medication and 72 hours of icing the injury, while other times the injury may be more serious and will require manipulation and adjustments from the chiropractor. Either way, it’s important to get some rest and remain hydrated in order to recuperate and avoid infection.

Orlando Florida Chiropractic Whiplash Treatment

If you’ve been injured in an auto accident and are suffering from whiplash come into our Chiropractic office. Dr. Matthew Rumley, experienced Orlando Chiropractor provides professional chiropractic care for car accident injuries as well as personal injuries. To schedule an appointment with our Orlando based Chiropractor please call 407-277-0046 today!

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