How laser treatment can help disk herniation

How laser treatment can help disk herniation

How laser treatment can help disk herniation

Lions Chiropractic & Injury offers laser treatment for a range of back conditions, including disc herniation. If you suffer from a herniated disc, surgery is not your only option. Learn more about our laser treatment and how it can help a herniated disc.

What is Laser Therapy?

Laser therapy uses a focused laser light to penetrate muscle tissue and promote healing from within. Because the laser beam can go beneath the skin, it offers a non-invasive and controlled approach to pain management and the treatment of specific medical conditions. Professional sports teams in the NBA, MLB, NHL, and more have embraced laser therapy to help athletes heal. Our chiropractors can use laser therapy to treat injuries including disc herniation, accelerate healing after an injury or an accident, and support additional healing therapies.

During treatment, the laser directs particles of light toward the tissue. This floods the spine with photons, which increases circulation of healing blood in the area and drains toxins from the tissue. Treatments are gentle and soothing. Many of our patients find them quite relaxing. After treatment, you will feel less pain and experience greater mobility. In the course of a series of laser therapy treatments, your spinal tissue can actually heal from the inside out.

Laser therapy for back pain

Before you schedule something as invasive as back surgery, why not try laser therapy? It is gentle, safe, and effective at controlling pain. In treatment, we will relieve pressure on the disc and give the disc a chance to heal naturally, curing your condition and relieving your pain.

Laser therapy has been studied in thousands of scientific studies for effectiveness at relieving pain from a range of conditions. These studies have confirmed that laser therapy is an effective back pain management technique.

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